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Beginning class- Brilliant Cut - No Experience necessary

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Faceting 101: Intro/Beginning Faceting No experience is necessary. We will slowly walk through the steps; faceting is a method of cutting gemstones by using geometry and precision to make calculated cuts. From the crown to the edges to the precise symmetry, gems look so marvelous and perfect because they have gone through a dynamic and highly skilled faceting process. Beginning class- Brilliant Cut: The facets are triangular or cone-shaped or kite-shaped. They are faced as moving outwards from the center of the gemstone. The most popular shape of this facet cut is round as it optimizes the brilliance of the stone. Gems: We will start out with something such as natural prasiolite, topaz or aquamarine depending on availability. Keep in mind that natural stones have inclusion, synthetic stones do not. Equipment: The Machine- For flat faceting we will use an Ultra Tec faceting machine. With this machine you will learn how facets are cut on stones methodically with well-designed geometrical arrangements. Intermediate class- Step Cut: This cut generally comprises rectangular steps parallel to each other on the stone. As the name suggests, they look like steps and present an octagonal shape. The classic example of this cut is the Emerald cut, which enhances the stone’s color and clarity. Advance class- Mixed Cut: It combines the technique of brilliant and step cuts into facet arrangements. The cutting can be mixed according to one’s creativity, with a brilliant cut on the crown (top of stone) and step cut on the pavilion (bottom of stone) of the stone. It creates multiple patterns for reflection of light through the stone.

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